It’s hard to put SAIMN-I in a box. Even impossible. This man works as a producer, musician and emcee, turntablist, deejay... A true 'Instru-Mentalist', to use his own words. The stage and the studio have been a  home to him for more than 20 years with no plans on stopping yet.

Music has been his passion for as long as he remembers. From a young age he learned to play many instruments and also he developed his voice. Growing up in Bruges he discovered the local HipHop and Reggae scene and also discovered the sounds of dub, jungle, triphop, funk, soul, jazz and all genres related. He played with WRONG ‘EM BOYO for a long time and later on became a member of the PURA VIDA band, with whom he shared stages with LEE PERRY and CONGO ASHANTI ROY.  Also he became a singer and guitarist in JAMAICAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA.

In the early 2000’s emceeing became more prominent in his journey. As a very skillful freestyler he manages the mic with ease. Switching from singing to rapping to toasting in many sessions with FORWARD FEVER, UNLISTED FANATIC, TSUNAMI WAZAHARI (F) and many more.

He has already released two full albums (both self-produced) and can be heard on many albums and projects of numerous artists. This as an emcee/singer as well as a musician or even producer. His second album MORE TO THE UNIVERSE THAN MEETS THE MIND was released on double vinyl on the DEAF PEOPLE AUDIO label with features like OZI ONE, BARBAROSSA, KIANGANA, COLLIEMAN, IAMISEE (US) and more. This album is still available. If interested please contact us.

As a producer he works in his home-studio THE BOOMROOM. There he has been cooking beats and songs for over a decade. He recorded and mixed his own albums there, as well as music with 6BLOCC (US), JAH BAMI (US), KNORSQ, WALLY NESTA, Jx2BIGAPE, IPIKI OOKAMI, DJ GRAZZHOPPA, AMAZUMI, SARAGGAMUFFIN, DJ IRON, JANEZ DETD, WUDUB?!, SAMOERAI, FATIH and many more.

He is currently working on an EP with OZI ONE, has just released Jx2BIGAPE’s second album REACHING OUT and as a deejay/selector you can also enjoy his MIXCLOUD page, which features many of his mixtapes. Because next to being a true musician/singer, he will always be a straight up music lover.

The musical journey continues.

Strong Life!




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